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Welcome to the Media Entertainment homepage.

We are a company based in Malta.

What many people do not know, Malta is one of the most popular film production locations in the world. Hollywood is a regular guest here.

At the same latitude, Malta not only has similar climatic conditions as in Los Angeles, but here there is even the same sunlight.


Our focus is on media design.

We produce YouTube short films, reports, advertising films,

Advertising photos, product videos, product photos and much more.


Our company is also represented as an app publisher.

You can take a look at our last app project under the "Lost Place Guide" tab. The implementation took place in cooperation with the company "Your Page Design by Siegmund Zug". The app has now recorded 700.3289 hits over a period of 17 months.

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The Lost Place Guide App. A product created by company founder Andre Deutzmann and Mrs. Emma Lutz in which a platform was created for the exchange and archiving of abandoned places around the world.


The basic idea came up in 2019. Many people are interested in the stories and places themselves.


A platform was created here, which operates free of social media platforms such as Facebook & co.

A network was created on which users can exchange their experiences in public groups free of emotions.

The Bugatti plants in Modena


The aim was to create a product that was as functional as possible and free of advertising. You succeeded in doing this despite many initial difficulties. Today not only photographers are represented in this network to find new locations for photo shoots. But also many interesting places that, contrary to the omnipresent situation in this sector, can also be visited officially. One of the most interesting places in Italy, for example, is the abandoned Bugatti plant in Modena. Guided tours are possible almost 365 days a year. Photographers can also move freely there if desired.

A private visit in 2019

Social Media


The tiresome subject in Italy. Organized crime

01.  Jan 2020

Probably the most popular but also the most dangerous and complex format of our YouTube production. Italy also has a long history in the criminal underworld.

The history of the mafia goes back a long way to the time of the Spanish occupation.


We produce our format through long research in this area. Always on the fine line of what is "feasible". Organized crime in Italy is stronger than ever at the time of Covid-19. The difficult thing about this format is not only the time-consuming research which always brings with it setbacks. But also the constant control over what we say as a person. Be it the organization or about our own family, because we have to make cuts as a precaution and try to give little price about our private life to protect our relatives, but still give our viewers the opportunity to "be there"


Not an easy job!


Furthermore, we are always faced with the task of giving our viewers the truthfulness of organized crime. Because for many people, especially in Germany, organized crime in this form is often far away. However, the big screen criminals are often closer than you think.